What Experts Say About Us

Sunil Krishnan
The panel of contributing authors has been consistently excellent and the quality of the systematic reviews is always outstanding. The journal sits at the interface of disciplines as diverse as gastroenterology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, tumor pathology and tumor biology; bringing people from different specialties together under one umbrella. This is all the more necessary when disciplines do not overlap in terms of researcher cross-training or vocabularies and terminologies.
Sunil Krishnan, MD
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA
Johnny Yap
Modern oncology care demands multi-disciplinary specialty approach. This approach is the gold standard for gastrointestinal oncology care in both academic and clinical settings. This journal embraces such a high standard and ideal by inviting field leaders as authors and guest editors to share their expertise and knowledge. In addition to its excellence in clinical coverage, the journal also emphasizes the importance of translational research and its practical application in optimizing patient management for both academicians and clinicians. The journal is a high-quality publication with a high citation record. It is invaluable to have a publication for readers to use as a resource for update-to-date information and ideas.
Johnny Yap, MD
Editorial board member, Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology;
Radiation Oncology Division,
CCS Oncology – A Surgical, Medical, and Radiation Oncology Group, USA
Milind Javle
All the articles of JGO go through rigorous and austere review processes and are dealt with fast and efficiently by the editorial office. Contributors of JGO are recognized experts in their field. The journal gives prominence to a distinguished editorial board, which is compiled of a team of highly accomplished specialists in gastrointestinal oncology. All these quality assurance factors contribute to the significantly high-impact papers in the field in terms of quality and attractiveness to its broad leadership.
Milind Javle, MD
Professor, University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Christian Brander
ATM stands out among these given its senior editorial board and the quality of articles that is has been able to publish in its young history.
Christian Brander, PhD
Autonomous University of Barcelona,
University of Vic/Central Catalonia,
Scientific Director of HIVACAT, Spain
Guy D. Eslick
The journal has already set a high standard and will surely become the journal of choice for those treating patients with gastrointestinal cancers.
Guy D. Eslick
The Whiteley-Martin Research Centre,
Discipline of Surgery, The Sydney Medical School Nepean,
Penrith, New South Wales, Australia
Jin-Shing Chen
As a contributing author, I was impressed by the efficiency of the Editorial Office in providing timely and appropriate help from submission to proof and online publication. The review process is friendly and constructive, which helps a lot to achieve an outstanding presentation of our results.
Jin-Shing Chen, MD, PhD
National Taiwan University Hospital,
National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taipei