What Experts Say About Us

Thomas D’Amico
I found it very enjoyable experience working with extremely professional, hardworking and dedicated staff committed to making the best educational value, making worthiness in terms of high technical representation videos and other novel transmission of information. And certainly it improves the experience for the reader and viewer.
Thomas D’Amico
Editorial Board Member of JTD,
Duke University Medical Center,
North Carolina, USA
Hussain lsma'eel
CDT offers a unique set of added values that render it a very promising journal in this field. It is offering a unique forum of exchange of science in its exemplary model that not only attends to the traditional role of a medical sciences journal, but also embraces modern tools such as social medial.
Hussain lsma'eel, MD, FSCCT, FESC
Assistant Professor of Medicine,
Co-Director, Vascular Medicine Program,
Division of Cardiology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Diego Gonzalez Rivas
I am absolutely excited about this journal. It’s a wonderful platform for thoracic surgeons to show the most complex researches and the most complex studies and development in the last year. So I wish all the best to this fantastic journal.
Diego Gonzalez Rivas
Editorial Board Member of JTD,
Department of Thoracic Surgery, Coruña University Hospital,
Coruña, Spain
Johan H.C. Reiber
The international reach of the journal is reflected in the composition of the editorial board and global collaboration is an explicit goal of the journal.
Johan H.C. Reiber, PhD
Professor of Medical Imaging, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
Jun Ren
The content and format of CDT is certainly quite novel and distinct from most current cardiovascular journals on cell biology and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
Jun Ren, MD, PhD, FAHA
Associate Dean for Research & Professor of Pharmacology, University of Wyoming College of Health Sciences,
Laramie, USA
Özgür Bayturan
The timely and efficiently formed review process provides an excellent academic experience for the researches.
Özgür Bayturan, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Cardiology,
Celal Bayar University School of Medicine, Manisa, Turkey