Data and Reproductivity

We are committed to improving openness, transparency, and reproducibility of research, and believe research data citation through standard reference lists offers an easy way to access data for reproducible research.

To support best practice in data citation, AME has endorsed the FORCE11 Data Citation Principles ( According to the FORCE11 Data Citation Principles, data can be cited in the same way as article, book, and web citations and authors are required to include data citations as part of their reference list.

Data citation is applicable for data held within institutional, subject-focused, or more general data repositories. When citing or making claims based on data, authors should refer to the data at the relevant place in the main text of the manuscript and include a formal citation in the reference list. We recommend the format proposed in the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles.

Below is an example of an in-text data citation:

[dataset] Authors; Year; Dataset title; Data repository or archive; Version (if any); Persistent identifier (e.g. DOI)

(please add [dataset] immediately before the reference so it can be properly identified as a data reference)


Updated on Feb. 22, 2020.